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Nurture & protect the environment

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Your choices have an impact on people and places a world away. If you care about where products come from, what they’re made of and the people and families that benefit from their creation, then choosing products made from organic cotton is a no-brainer. 100% certified organic cotton means less nasty chemicals in our environment. By making a small change, you make a real, tangible difference. Check out our range

Support people & communities

Real people with real lives. Change to Green sources all its products from an ethical supply chain and we personally know all the suppliers. We’re proud of our happy circle of local support in New Zealand and overseas. You’ll feel better knowing our ethically sourced products promote sustainable communities around the world.

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Our children are our heroes!

Celebrate your kids and share your love of the environment with the story of Happy Book Bag.

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Who’s made the change?

Every day, more and more Kiwis are making the change


Yoga Instructor

"I find the organic tampons work just as well as tampax or any other conventional brand."

Change To Green



"What a classy and refreshing take on a normally boring product! I love the attention to detail that's been put into the wrap, & that it's organic, and hand made in NZ. The wrap fits in my bag nicely & won't crush, like the boxes I've used forever"

Change To Green



"The best I have ever used, comfortable and no leaking, simply awesome... it's the real deal, it's organic cotton, it's fair trade and it comes in wonderful packaging, all thought through with love to detail you can feel."

Change To Green



"I've found the small zipper bag to be very useful. I have used it as a makeup bag, toiletry bag and to keep my herbal remedies safe and sound. It is a good size that fits easily in your handbag, carryon luggage or checked luggage."

Change To Green



"I liked how the tampons were all natural and made me feel like I wasn’t putting plastics in my body which is good. The cute bag was nice to keep them in so they were safe in my bag."

Change To Green


Primary School Student

"I like my new book bag because I can decorate it myself. I liked the cool glasses. I like the story book to show where it comes from."

Change To Green