One year ago...

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... our world changed to green.

It became real: until November 2014 we planned, designed, got in touch with suppliers, ordered, paid and then... The first fabric samples arrived! How wonderful! Something to touch, to feel. And wow, it felt different. Just right.

Off to Kathy with the beautiful fabrics... And here they were, our first sample bags.

And then another very exciting day:

The wessel with the tampons arrived. We tracked it and knew it would arrive in time. Ralph stayed at home, busy taking screenshots from the Tauranga Harbour webcam and I was heading off to shoot a few pictures of the wessel cruising in the harbour entrance.


Well, to be honest, I have never been as interested in ships as on this very special day!

Ready to rock and roll! We had everything we needed from overseas. Tampons and fabrics. Next steps?

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