Change to Green turns 1 today!

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Here we go, one year Change to Green in the world wide web!

It was a pretty big step for us, even bigger than leaving everything behind in Germany and relocating to New Zealand.

We have made loads of decisions we never made before, we were in touch with all different kinds of people, we invested a lot of energy and had a good couple of really long nights.

The outcome?
Well, we got in touch with you, wonderful customers, shop owners, people who believe in us, our products and their quality.

People who get why we do what we do.

When doing a promo in a shop, the first thing I say is:

Change to Green is not about tampons, it’s about people. About us, about you, me, our future generations.


One of our products got a bit lost, because we had the impression people didn’t really get what it was about: our lovely “Happy Book Bag”.

I am proud to announce today:

The Happy Book Bag is here: it got its long deserved own website and will make its way through schools all over New Zealand.

Want to have a peek?




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