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A very important topic.

Change to Green offers organic cotton products, right?

Organic cotton tampons, organic cotton bags and book bags.

With the book bags, we thought education was very important, because they are for kids. That’s how we came up with the idea of the “Story of the Happy Book Bag”.

What about the women using our tampons?

Of course, they come with instructions. Women are usually pretty good with reading instructions, are they? Just in case, here they are:

Well, I am a trained nurse, doctor’s assistant, I drove an ambulance for over 10 years. Guess what? I’ve never questioned what I was putting into my body by using conventional tampons. I just did it.

Since I was going to be responsible for a brand that was selling organic cotton tampons this tiny little thing in my life changed. I learned EVERYTHING about it. Because I was going to be responsible for it. More than ever - it wasn't only about me any more.

I learnt about TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), about organic cotton, about cotton production, about tampon production, I learnt and learnt and learnt. And so did Ralph. We knew we have a responsibility there.

The most important lesson?

Trust, respect, let it be. It’s always the same.

Thank you to all you wonderful people who share the same values as we do: trust and respect. The foundation of every relationship, whether it is between people, animals or in business.


With love,


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