This is Change to Green

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This is Change to Green.

What is Change to Green? It’s a brand. Created by people for people.

Who are we?

A lot!

Let me introduce Change to Green:

Ralph, my beloved husband. We have an about page, go and look there.

Me, Claudia, see above.

Leonie and Vanessa and the whole family (2- and 4-legged), they support us in everything we do.

Copy and research: Seth, you never wanted to appear on our website, now it is overdue. You are such an important part, you are our voice. A few adjustments have been done by amazing Jan Goldie from awaywithwords.

Webdesign: Tim, see about page, co-founder of Informal Organic Tea and The Suburbs.

Photos: Dave, see about page and wonderful Claire from wearewildwood. Actually, our landing page picture has been taken by me, it's our daughter Leonie.

Marketing: Wonderful Michegro from The Marketing Lab.

Seamstress: Kathy, see about page.

Logo: Kresh, can't get hold of him.

Design packaging and Happy Book Bag book: Aram.

Suppliers: Organic cotton and tampon suppliers, all amazing people making this world a better place.

Packaging: You guys rock, Goldfields in Paeroa! We’ve recently started to work with Innocent Packaging, amazing bunch, too.

And there are so many more...

After more than 250.000 hand-packed tampons I thought it was time to say

THANK YOU ALL you amazing people who make Change to Green what it is.

We love you.


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