Tampon Box - 50 super


We've made the next step towards sustainability: this packaging is 100% compostable, yay!

Get 50 super tampons made of pure, 100% certified organic cotton in a box you can either reuse or compost.

We can't get any better at this point.

Traditional tampons are made from a blend of bleached cotton and/or synthetic products, such as rayon, viscose and plastic that remain in the environment for 500 years, releasing toxins and endangering marine life. Change to Green tampons are all natural, so they biodegrade within five years, quickly becoming useful material for the natural environment again.

Change to Green 100% certified organic cotton tampons are better for you and the environment. It’s really that simple. 

And now they even come in compostable packaging.


Download Tampon Usage Instructions



Materials: 100% Certified Organic Cotton
Shelf Life: 5 years
Information:  Hypoallergenic, no nasty chemicals! No applicator, less waste!


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