About Us

NZ Proud


Change to Green is proud to be based in Tauranga, New Zealand. The natural beauty here is a big reason why we want to protect our environment. We live and work here on the North Island where we spend a lot of time enjoying the ocean. We want our children to grow up enjoying the same awesome beaches that have made New Zealand famous throughout the world.


We’re part of a growing movement towards sustainability in New Zealand. You can read more about what other eco-conscious kiwis are doing to protect the Earth on our blog. [insert link to blog] We want to keep the Earth clean and keep spreading the word for future generations.

Our Philosophy ‘Little Steps Can Make Big Changes’


We love our environment and we love our body.


We think it is healthier to use natural substances for our bodies and our environment.


Little steps towards a healthier lifestyle can make big changes.


Imagine if all the products we use in our everyday life were all-natural and biodegradable? That would be a big change! Our little step towards this big change is actually a little thing we use in our everyday life and don’t think a lot about, a tampon. Our philosophy for a healthier body and a healthier Earth led us to make a 100% organic cotton tampon that is completely biodegradable.


Our Story ‘Our Little Step’


Our little step started with Claudia, the CEO of Change to Green. She is an environmental and organic all-natural advocate who believes in leading a sustainable lifestyle. She is constantly looking for ways to make things more sustainable for the Earth, and more ethical for people.




Claudia was looking at the small things in her life that had a big environmental impact. She started to learn about all-natural tampons. After reading about the health benefits and the benefits for the Earth, she began work on a 100% organic all-natural tampon that was ethically sourced. Change to Green was started to give people a choice to make a little step and be part of a big change towards a more sustainable Earth.


When she isn’t busy with Change to Green, Claudia spends time with her ‘two little princesses’, which is how she refers to her daughters, Leonie and Vanessa. While her true love is her husband, Ralph, she admits to having a crush on ‘Sparky’, her horse, and she loves horses and animals.


While Claudia has a very light and charming personality, she is serious about making positive environmental change. She oversees all aspects of Change to Green from product design to supply chain management. Each step of the way she commits herself to making the most ethical and sustainable decisions.


 Ralph is the COO of Change to Green and puts the strategic plan into action. A global citizen, his experiences around the world have taught him to see the big picture and the small details. He’s a perfectionist and believes in getting things right, even when it requires doing it again.



Honesty is very important to Ralph and he works hard every day to lead a better life for himself, his family, and the environment. He believes strongly that it’s our responsibility to make the right decisions to leave a better world for our children.


Ralph takes a straightforward approach to business and loves keeping projects on a timely schedule. He also loves keeping tennis, swimming, and nightly exercise on a timely schedule. Of course, the top of his agenda is always Claudia, Leonie, and Vanessa.


Ralph and Claudia are committed to making a positive impact on the environment through their life and their work. They want to keep the Earth clean for their family and families around the world. They take a personal approach to their work at Change to Green. They’ve developed many friendships with the suppliers, designers, and other people who are part of the team.