Happy Book Bag™ carries a joyful learning experience beyond the books it’s carrying.
Kiwi kids like Cooper love to add their own designs to things, Happy Book Bag says ‘Good on you!’
Cooper asked, sparkling with his big blue eyes, 'Can I keep it?' and we said 'Yes!!'

Cooper’s Story

Cooper is like a lot of kiwi kids, smart, funny, and with his own sense of style. When we had a party to celebrate the introduction of Happy Book Bag™, after colouring in his design, Cooper held up his bag and asked, sparkling with his big blue eyes, 'Can I keep it?' and we said 'Yes!!'

Built to Last

Parents love Happy Book Bag™ because it’s an eco-friendly and durable alternative to vinyl and plastic book bags that fall apart after one term.

Happy Book Bag™ is handcrafted here in New Zealand from 100% Certified Organic Cotton and is available in natural white with a fun printed design. Children add their own personality to Happy Book Bag™ with fabric markers. Parents can join in the fun by sewing on labels and patches.
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Each Happy Book Bag™ includes the The Story of my Happy Book Bag, a colouring book which takes your child on a journey with Happy Book Bag. The Story of my Happy Book Bag is a joyful learning experience that teaches your children they can make a difference in the world and gives you a chance to share your love of the environment with your kids.
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Organic and Ethical Certification

All of our cotton is organic and ethically sourced, but don’t take our word for it! Change to Green products are certified by independent testing and standards organizations. Our certifications verify that our products are produced organically, ethically, and are quality and dermatologically tested. You can feel better knowing that all of our organic cotton is never exposed to nasty chemicals, and the members of the Change to Green team are never put in unsafe or unhealthy working conditions. Although, we have handled a hot cup of tea here and there on some of the long nights working on the designs for our bags.