1. Do you guarantee that all of your cotton is 100% organic?

Yes. Change to Green carries a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate which verifies that all our goods are made from 100% organic cotton produced in an ethical supply chain.

2. Do you offer tampons with applicators?

No. Change to Green organic tampons don’t use applicators. No applicator, less waste!

3. What’s the main difference between conventional tampons and Change to Green tampons?

Conventional tampons are made from artificial materials and Change to Green tampons are made from all-natural organic cotton.

4. Do you offer panty liners, pads, or sanitary napkins? Do you have any other styles of bags?

We are excited to offer our 100% organic tampons and we are working on plans for more feminine hygiene products and other accessories in the future. Drop us a line at hello@changetogreen.co.nz to suggest a product you’d like to see us Change to Green.

5. Which tampon sizes do you offer? How do I know which size is right for me?

Change to Green organic tampons are available in all the typical sizes: mini, regular, and super. Please see our instructions of use for further information. You can also choose one of our trial kits and see what size works best for you!

6. Do you offer refunds or returns?

We have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

7. How are the tampons and bags made and where do they come from?

Our ethical supply chain begins with organic, all-natural cotton. The 100% certified organic cotton for our tampons is grown in Turkey, and the 100% certified organic cotton for our bags is grown in India.

Change to Green organic tampons are produced in Europe under the highest quality standards and processes. At every point along the way, our products are handled by people who are treated well and work in a safe environment.

Packaging and final inspection occurs right here in New Zealand!

8. Do you carry any certificates that verify the quality of your products?

We carry a number of certificates which verify the quality of our products. Among the most important are:

  • ISO 14001 Environment Management System certificate
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate
  • Dermatology certificate
  • Global Organic Textile Standard certificate

9. Do your tampons have a shelf-life?

Yes, 5 years. This is the same amount of time it takes before organic cotton begins breaking down to its natural elements again.

10. Where is Change to Green located?

Change to Green is proud to be located in New Zealand. The natural beauty here is a big reason why we produce eco-friendly products that protect the environment.

11. Is there a limit on the number of tampons I can buy? Do I have to buy a bag?

You can buy as many tampons as you would like. Yes, you can buy the refills kit without a bag. We recommend one of our starter kits which includes tampons and bag to help keep things neat.

12. Are all the bags washable?

Yes. All the organic cotton used in our bags is gently prewashed to avoid further shrinkage when you wash it. We recommend washing them at 30 degrees Centigrade in the gentle or hand wash cycle.

13. Do you offer a warranty on your bags?

In addition to our 30-day Money Back Guarantee, all Change to Green bags carry a Lifetime Warranty against defects.

14. Do you ship overseas?

Currently we only ship within New Zealand and from 1. October 2015 also to Australia.

15. How do I use a tampon correctly?

Please see our instructions for use.

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